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Guard the Guardians with Sean Hansen is a show with the sole purpose of helping active military, veterans, first responders, and their families live better lives whether it's overcoming trauma, managing finances, improving relationships, getting in shape, or anything in between.
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Jun 20, 2017

Guard the Guardians with Sean Hansen is the show with one mission: help active military, veterans, first responders, and their families live better lives. You served us, now let us serve you. Please subscribe and share with your friends and family. You can reach out at:

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This week we're talking with Peter Thoshinsky, a retired San Francisco Police Department Lieutenant who was the Executive Officer of San Francisco's Specialist Tactical (aka, SWAT) Team that was responsible for enforcing the peace in San Francisco's infamous "Tenderloin" district.  Join Pete and I as we discuss:

  • The firsthand perspective of a 31-yr veteran of the SFPD on the struggles that come with leaving one's unit.
  • What inspires people to serve.
  • What creates confidence in the men and women who serve with you.
  • What it's like to face life-and-death situations inside a major city in a country that's not at war.
  • How police officers seek to serve their communities, and why successful cops figure out creative solutions.
  • What causes someone to join a specialized unit.
  • Why tactical responses are sometimes required and how a police force can best serve its community.
  • The mindset and threat assessment needs of those who serve.
  • The social impact that being a cop has on individual police officers.
  • The problems adjusting to new identity.