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Guard the Guardians with Sean Hansen is a show with the sole purpose of helping active military, veterans, first responders, and their families live better lives whether it's overcoming trauma, managing finances, improving relationships, getting in shape, or anything in between.
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Apr 18, 2017

Our guest today is Jacqueline Carrizosa, a Navy veteran and total badass. Her roots with the military and first responder communities run deep. Her dad is retired Air Force, her sister is an active duty Navy Officer, and she has numerous friends who are firefighters or police officers.

Jacqueline spends her time empowering young athletes; men, women, and children alike. A fierce competitor, she's played male dominated sports her entire life and was gearing up for an epic 650-mile off-road motocross race when she was hit by a truck during a training ride and almost killed.

Having dealt with a childhood that was dominated by mental and physical abuse, Jacqueline has been perpetually inspired to give back to the community by hosting veteran charity work and athletic events that challenge veterans to live more aspirational lives while conquering regular difficulties in transition. A firm believer in self-defense, Jacqueline is associated nationally with various gun companies and defending American rights, and she instructs national classes educating the public on safe weapons handling and tactics. She also writes blog articles for Guns & Tactics and the NRA.

Join us as we talk about:

  • How Jacqueline dealt with a mentally and physically abusive childhood.
  • How joining the military put Jacqueline on a good life path.
  • How Jacqueline chose her military occupational specialty.
  • The risks of being a Navy Search and Rescue Swimmer.
  • What it's like being a female team leader in a male-dominated unit.
  • The struggles and tips of transitioning out of uniform.
  • What we can do to make life worth living.
  • How Jacqueline has clawed her way back from being hit by a truck and almost dying.


Jacqueline’s Points of Contact:

Jacqueline-designed Pipe Hitters Union tees:

Jacqueline’s Story on the Veterans Project:

  • 2. @TheVeteransProject - Tim K.

Places Jacqueline supports (yeah, she's got a lot of friends):

  • Icon Sports Alliance
  • Pipe Hitters Union
  • Spike’s Tactical
  • Team 5 Foundation
  • Taran Tactical Innovations
  • Motivators Lifestyle
  • Firearms for Life
  • Bell Powersports
  • LIV Cycling
  • Bike Shop LV
  • IMS Products
  • Rocktape
  • Oklahoma Machine Guns
  • Fox Racing & MTB
  • Karissa Russ & Co


Guard the Guardians with Sean Hansen is the show with one mission: help active military, veterans, first responders, and their families live better lives. You served us, now let us serve you.

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